Final Project Description

My topic for my final project is Japanese Colonialism in Korea. The main ideas that I plan on highlighting are colonial rule in Korea by the Japanese, how Japan gained control of Korea (fall of Choson Dynasty), and what the colonial state and society looked like on a practical level. I think it will be important for readers to understand what people in the colonial state looked like and how they acted in order to understand how Japan gained control of Korea and how the Japanese ruled in the colonial time. I hope the readers will be able to get a simplistic and realistic view of the time period. I also hope that the readers will take this information to help them understand Korea’s state today. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I plan on creating a “cheat sheet” to display the important parts of these sources. I think it will be beneficial for students to have an easy source that they do not have to sift through to find important parts.

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