Growth Mindset Cats

After using cats as a way to improve my own growth mindset from the link below, the cat that I found most interesting was the Stay-Creative cat. I watched the video on “29 Ways To Stay Creative” and found a lot of useful tools. I especially liked the idea of staying away from the computer or technology in general as a way to inspire creativity. I often tell myself that I don’t have time to be creative, but I end up spending hours on my computer or phone everyday. If I just put the phone down for an hour or two, I could accomplish so much more. The video also emphasized getting feedback from others regarding creativity. I find myself doing something creative, like writing or drawing, and not wanting to show anyone else with the fear that they might not appreciate what I have created. However, it would be more beneficial to receive feedback so that my work could expand. These two ways to stay creative from the Stay-Creative cat stuck out to me as ways that I can improve my ability to be creative.

Check out the link! Stay creative: break the rules.

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