Outline of Final Project

Cheat Sheet on Japanese Colonization in Korea:

  1. Using Source 1: outline what colonization is and how it affected Korea, more specifically Korean education and family values
  2. Using Source 2: outline Japanese colonial rule more specifically than the ideology behind it (as source 1 does)
  3. Using Source 3: outline society and culture in Korea during the colonial time period

Example from source 1:

Source 1:

“Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea: The Paradox of Colonial Control”

  • Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) is usually looked at economically
  • It is important to understand social changes that occurred 
  • Necessary to see the contradictions between conflicting needs of colonial rule and the imbalance opposed by control
  • Generalizations based on one economic analysis does not paint the full picture
  • Social ties and family issues are two topics focused on to understand social consequences and contradictions in colonial rule
  • Orthodox interpretation of Japanese colonial rule in Korea is known for nationalism, focus on political dependency, social control and repression, economic exploitation, and loss of cultural identity
    • Emphasizes suffering because of discrimination and physical and psychological controls (doesn’t go farther than that) 

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