Project Pitch

Due to the circumstances of working on this course online with less access to discussions, I think it is beneficial to make my final project a simple one that also provides others with a basic understanding of colonial Korea. This is not a topic that was covered yet in class but one that I find intriguing. There are a lot of articles and other sources on the people of colonial Korea and what they dressed like and enjoyed doing. I am planning on hopefully creating a thorough cheat sheet to display these facts. I had constructed a cheat sheet on the three kingdoms in a group during class and it was nice to see the important topics laid out in a simple form. I think this will be a nice source for middle schoolers or high schoolers looking to expand their Korean knowledge. I plan to research colonial Korea in depth and pick out the most important ideas to place in my cheat sheet. I want to focus on the people of colonial Korea to show students the similarities between people all over the world. I also want to show how people have changed over time and how they have evolved in the things that they do. I hope this provides students with a simple knowledge that gets them interested in colonial Korea and encourages them to expand their knowledge down the road.

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