Week 11 Reflection

Last week we looked at the fall of the Chos┼Ćn Dynasty and how it led to Japanese colonial rule. I thought this was interesting because it is the topic that I hope to cover in my final project. I read part of Hamel’s journal in which he was hoping to find Taiwan but ended up being captured and sent to Korea. He was not expecting to meet friendly people but he found that the people he met were not as bad as they seemed. He tried to escape but was not able to do so. Hamel was told he would have to stay in Korea until he died and was taught some Korean ways. I think Hamel was surprised that he was not simply killed off and that he was offered a life in Korea even though it was not the life he was originally hoping for. This one personal account led me to believe that the Japanese were not as bad as people may have expected them to be. I can see how the Korean people would be upset to be taken over by another country, but I think that they realized that the Japanese were not as much of an enemy that they originally thought.

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